In recent years, there has been much research about intelligent traffic system to improve the safety and efficiency. Cooperative operation and autonomous intersection manager are proposed as solutions to intelligent traffic system. We advocate the concept of cooperative operation as an extension of self-driving and propose the remote-control system at crossroads or junctions based on the concept of intersection manager. A self-driving car ensures safety itself based on the information it collects from the surroundings, while cooperative operation is aimed at edge server’s safe and optimal control for multiple vehicles by taking advantage of global information aggregation. In this paper, we propose and prototype a cooperative operation system which controls ten radio-controlled cars with laser positioning in a Wi-Fi network. The experimental results show the cooperative algorithm is proved collision-free and deadlock-free and the average travel error of the cars is within 5 centimeters with 2 centimeters average positioning error.

Qinghao Liu, Takafumi Morita, Yoshihisa Kishiyama, Kensuke Miyachi, Takahiro Asai, Ping Du, Akihiro Nakao. “[奨励講演]A Reliable Cooperative Operation Platform based on Mobile Edge Computing”. 信学技報, vol. 120, no. 4, NS2020-5, pp. 43-49, 2020年4月. copyright©2020 IEICE