We have proposed a mechanism for extending data plane elements in software-defined networking (SDN) to enable a network function for QoS control by per-application.
In this paper, we propose a new method for suppressing packet loss and reducing delay in network congestion by combining Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ) and Dynamic Queue Control (DQC), our proposed algorithm for adjusting queue capacity dynamically for a given flow.
Our proposed method performs logically centralized QoS control using SDN architecture on multiple network nodes through newly defined south-bound interface (SBI).
Our evaluation shows that for a video streaming application, one of the use cases, the proposed method increases the arrival rate of packets by up to 60 percent, and reduces the latency in packet arrival by about 30 seconds on average. This result indicates that our method of extending data-plane for defining new QoS algorithms, e.g., combining WFQ and DQC and operating on multiple network nodes using SDN architecture enables efficient QoS control of a given flow for reducing packet loss and delay.

徳永竣亮, 安藤翔伍, 中尾彰宏. “SDNにおけるデータプレーン要素の拡張によるアプリケーション特化型QoS制御手法”. 信学技報, vol. 115, no. 483, NS2015-173, pp. 31-36, 2016年3月. copyright©2016 IEICE