In recent years, cyber attack tools and attack agency services are traded in markets called “Dark Web Markets” developed in the dark web. Through dark web markets, it becomes possible for anyone to launch sophisticated attacks. Our past research, we focus on Botnet and DDoS attack agency services in dark web markets and investigate, analyze, and discuss the types of services, price quotes, market size, and the impact of transactions on the real world. Our past research presents three novelties: First, we conduct a statistical analysis of the dark web market, revealing the correlation between actual DDoS attacks and the timing of reviews in the market, which implies that the market is functioning for trading the attacks in the real world. Second, we analyze and gather the information obtained from the economically mature dark web markets and indicate the possibility for utilizing it for cyber security. Third, we also investigate into an emerging technology for developing dark nets other than Tor, such as I2P. In this research, in order to improve the efficiency of statistical analysis, we propose “visualization of information / data repository” obtained from the dark web market by automation method. In addition, we develop a scraping tool for crawling dark web markets and show that it is possible to automate collection of information on the markets.

岩永崇裕, 中尾彰宏. “[奨励講演]ダークウェブマーケット統計分析・可視化のためのデータ自動収集とレポジトリ生成の提案”. 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 124, NS2018-41, pp. 25-30, 2018年7月. copyright©2018 IEICE