Cooperative driving has caught much attention recently. To achieve cooperative driving systems, cloud-based and/or Mobile/Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC)-based vehicle control systems have been pro- posed. They have a trade-off between the feedback latency in terms of controlling and capacity defined as the number of vehicles for which the cloud or edge-server can accommodate sensor information via the network. Our previous work reports an Infrastructure-based vehicle control system that takes advantage of both cloud and MEC-based systems, for which we enable coordinated control between an Upper Edge Server (UpES) that has a large capacity and a Lower Edge Server (LoES) that executes remote control with low latency. The previous system, however, does not consider autonomous control by the vehicle. When burst packet loss occurs, the previous system collapses. In this paper, we propose the coordination of the previous system and autonomous control. By considering autonomous control, the proposed system achieves a more flexible deployment of edge servers than the previous system. From the simulation, we show that multi-layered edge servers are required for cooperative driving systems.

佐々木健吾, 牧戸知史, 中尾彰宏. “[奨励講演]協調運転実現のための多層エッジサーバによる車両制御システム ~ 遠隔車両制御と自律制御の連携 ~”. 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 124, NS2018-71, pp. 161-166, 2018年7月. copyright©2018 IEICE