In recent years, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) attracts a great deal of attention as a new way to deeply reform the conventional transportation system in order to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety. For ITS, we propose a new Pub / Sub multicast system with the following two features. First, all the packets are transmitted by network layer multicast and the join mechanism of IP multicast is replaced by NDN (Named Data Networking) protocol, which can reduce the multicast join delay. Secondly, subscribe messages are aggregated by a time interval to decrease duplicated messages. In order to evaluate the proposed system, we simulate proposed system with Poisson process vehicles using NS-3. According to the simulation, two steps of joining a multicast group can be removed compared to IP multicast, which means proposed system can decrease the multicast join delay. Moreover, the message exchange at crowded intersections are greatly reduced by our system compared with the existing NDN.

Peng Minjiong, Hamid Farhady, Akihiro Nakao. “A Method for Reducing Network Delay and Improving Bandwidth Utilization of ITS Applications Using Pub/Sub Multicast and Packet Aggregation”. 信学技報, vol. 116, no. 484, NS2016-206, pp. 283-288, 2017年3月. copyright©2017 IEICE